About Us


Davina Care Foundation (DCF), is a non-governmental organization that started in 2014 under the name “DAVI-DARA SYMPATHY MOVE”. It later changed its name to DCF and became fully registered with the federal and Anambra state governments in 2017 to enable us to curb child sexual abuse, and empower women and youths especially the vulnerable in our state, country and the world at large. Davi-Dara’s sympathy move was operating as at that time in local communities and churches such as Isuofia, Ezinifite, Umuawulu and Isiagu. After carrying out a survey on some parents to ascertain why children are getting sexually abused every second and minute, we discovered that most parents do not do or take the necessary steps required to protect and prevent the act from happening. So, we decided to put in some measures aimed at educating these children on how to protect themselves, pay school fees, feed, clothe and encourage them to strive to be better.


 Our mission is zero tolerance for child abuse and the protection of the rights of women and youths in our society.


Our vision is to reduce to the barest minimum the act of child abuse in our society and also support women and vulnerable youth to becoming self-employed and self-dependent. This we hope to achieve by making a ten (10) year projection through increasing and sustaining the knowledge of child sexual abuse in our children, empowering and encouraging them to live a crime-free life.  In summary, we shall be engaging the women and youth consistently:

  • Sensitization in our local communities, schools, churches and every gathering on the consequences and preventive measures of child sexual abuse and rape.
  • Create awareness on follow-up and referrals should the need arise.
  • To increase knowledge of general health practices.
  • Empowering youths and women through skills acquisition.

About the Founder

I have worked with other reputable NGOs in Awka and other state and have seen the need to go out and save our children knowing full well that parental ignorance and poverty is destroying our future generations. I gained knowledge briefly from a project with "Save the Children" I got wider knowledge of how our children are suffering and my passion was aroused. I have also worked for Society for Family Health (SFH) as an IPC agent. Through my community contributions to improving lives, I have seen the need to have more organizations concerned with helping people to attain their desired goals, thus, the emergence of DCF.

DCF is applying a not too common method or approach to fighting this menace of child and women abuse which is the constant sensitization of our children and parents, boosting their confidence.  Through our community effort, we have experienced some positive results that came from continuous outreaches showing that abused children who were abinitio timid and scared to voice out their experiences due to societal stigma associated with such societal ills and poverty are now bold and confident enough to speak out thereafter.


DCF has recorded tremendous successes in its program, especially from comments received on a daily basis from parents and children. Any community, school or gathering visited, we always get calls from parents stating how grateful they have been for what their children were taught and fees paid. Other important successes are summarized below:

  • A case of a 7-year-old child living at works road, Awka was been abused by her bus driver each evening after school during the ride back home, the act was made open after teaching and the child discovered that she was been abused and the driver was arrested.
  • DCF has had a case of a 15years old girl in Isuaniochia who is been abused by her aunt’s husband each time the aunt is out to work, the case was addressed and the young girl is free.
  • DCF has also given financial help to over 30 mothers to be able to start a small petty business to enable them to feed their children and pay fees having discovered that poverty is the number one luring avenue they use to get these children.
  • DCF was at the police Headquarters in February 2018 to speak to the women there to encourage them to try and practice preventive measures rather than looking out for cases always.
  • DCF holds her feeding outreach quarterly, and Christmas party and always includes sensitization.
  • DCF gifts writing materials and snacks for every outreach she organizes or for schools visited in both Anambra state and Cross River state.
  • DCF was also at Mobile police barracks (mobile base) at Amanse, a small community and distributed writing materials, sanitary towels, roll-ons, and toothpaste to 100 children.
  • DCF also enrolled some young girls into a company where they learn skills.
  • DCF is sponsoring 15 children in school currently that are from very poor homes and can’t afford three square meals.
  • DCF partnered with ALWAYS sanitary pads and got pads to distribute to young girls to enable them to practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • DCF has successfully organized the Girl child program in Awka south.
  • DCF is fully involved in the door-to-door sensitization program which has yielded positive results.
  • DCF hopes to build a skill acquisition centre where different forms of training will be given to the needy and will be empowered for life. We are also working towards building a rehabilitation centre for the abused and bruised.
  • Davi-Dara Limited


  • Always Sanitary Pad

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